“What implications will protein sequencing have on the world we are going to live in -  biologically, culturally and politically?”

This is the question one of the founders of Glyphic Biotechnologies asked the artist Miriam Simun. Proteomics is purported to be the next frontier in the advancement of  bioengineering, with the potential to revolutionize medical, material engineering, industrial food, and bio defense industries.

“Can the artist move beyond the representation (and criticism) of reality and begin to affect material reality?” Miriam asks. And what happens when the artist takes a position within the system of production (“artists as consultant”) as opposed to the position of independent, yet dependent on patronage (“artist in residence”)?

Miriam and Glyphic are drafting  a Scope of Work, outlining a mutually agreed upon proposal of work - for the artist to engage with this biotech startup in probing, playing with, and developing imaginaries for the biotech startup as a site of cultural production. In Miriam’s errant process of figuring out how to position themselves in relation to Glyphic Biotech, venture capitalism, proteins, patents, mountains, boardrooms and friendship. You can follow Miriam's ideas and reflections – and provide your own comments and ideas – in this process of drafting the Scope of Work through an audio diary delivered in a series of voice notes in a public telegram channel.
Miriam Simun is an interdisciplinary artist working at sites of collision of bodies and rapidly evolving socio-technical-ecosystems. Their practice spans multiple formats including still and moving image, performance, installation and communal sensorial experiences. The work can be found at linktr.ee/mseamoon