Supergood is a brand for performances and products focussing on the market of cultural institutions and contemporary art. It was founded and run collaboratively in 2015 by Lukas Heistinger (CEO) and Bernhard Garnicnig (Director). Its foundation story begins in Brazil, where the two artists travelled for pre-production of a film project. But instead of returning with a movie project, they brought back the idea that a superfood bar and catering service is a better medium to work on their interests in a non-representational way. They chose Açaí, an amazonian superfood berry mousse as a central medium for its tasty synthesis of issues around globalisation and self-optimisation. The product allowed them to discuss critical-existential issues of living in the age of contradictory consciousness in a way that is life affirming and not bound to formal questions of fine art.

Through Supergood, the artists developed the methodology of “Conflicts of Interest”: a genuine interest in the constant non-dual articulation of the irresolvable conflicts as a prerequisite for grasping and enjoying our multidimensional existence.

(2015) Supergood: A Taste of Tropical Existentialism

A superfood catering performance was commissioned by the curators of the exhibition SOCIAL GLITCH at Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Wien. Supergood brand assets were strategically placed at the entrance to the exhibition to integrate with the presence of an institutional sponsor. For the exhibition opening, two performers served tasting cups of açai and striking up conversations with guests about the inherent conflicts of nutritional self-optimisation and the art worlds hypocritical attitudes towards globalisation. 

Supergood: A Taste of Tropical Existentialism. Social Glitch, Curated by Gerald Nestler and Silvia Eckermann. Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Wien, 25. September - 5. Dezember 2015

(2015) Supergood: Concept Store

Supergood designed and operated a temporary superfood bar and concept store in an abandoned pharmacy for three months. The store was a functional superfood bar serving bowls of acai during the daytime. In the evenings, the bar became a location for performances whose sequence circumscribed the human body as the central subject of a capitalist dystopia. At night, the shutters were lowered and the bar became a speakeasy.

Central element of the store was a custom fabricated modular bar designed by Lukas Heistinger which served as a place to have a tasty argument in a bowl. All dimensions of the bar were customised. Nina Frankova fabricated custom ceramic bowls. A generative corporate soundscape installation composed by Benjamin Tomasi and Freya Edmondes installation shifted the acoustic ambience. A line of corporate uniforms designed by Anna Schwarz were displayed in the shop window.

DJ-sets, live concerts, binaural listening sessions, life coaching workshops, and performances were all wrapped into an increasingly contradictory and dissensful PR campaign that kept pushing an ever-expanding accumulation of attributes to Supergood’s products.

The shop kept filling up with recontextualized art objects setting the scene of a speculative franchise empire. As the late media theorist Armin Medosch put it, “Supergood connects different strands and influences of pop art, situationism, actionism, and artistic appropriation from the 1980ies and exemplifies how these have entered into the worlds of marketing and advertising to condition a state of Post-Art.”

Text Armin Medosch 

Supergood Object Catalogue

Supergood Event Catalogue

List of Events:

Body + Freedom for a better you. With Nils Amadeus Lange, Florentina Holzinger, Annina Machaz, Vincent Riebeek and Manuel Scheiwiller. 6.11.2015

Palais des Beaux Arts presents SANKE, presents Supercargo, presented by Supergood. With SANKE/Andreas Ervik. 13.11.2015

Existentialist tropicalia for a better you. With Rikarei. 18.11.2015

Nodding strategies and other business moves for a better you. 20.11.2015

The great avocado ecstasy for a better you. 24.11.2015

Music for airports, beaches and solariums for a better you. With Rikarei. 27.11.2015

A great vision for a better you. With Phelim McConigly. 2.12.2015

Binaural beats for a better you. With Bernhard Tobola. 3.12.2015

Intellectual detox for a better you. With LD Garnier. 4.12.2015

Theory U workshop for a better you. With Dietmar Kofler, Process Consultant at AEON Consulting Group. 7.12.2015

The apocalypse for a better you. With Peter Moosgaard and Lona Gaikis. 8.12.2015

Psychic surgery for a better you? With Josefin Arnell. 9.12.2015

Salvatore Viviano is Supergood. With Salvatore Vivano. 10.12.2015

Supergood press conference and Clinic of Essence Award ceremony. With Clinic of Essence. 11.12.2015

List of Objects / Artifacts / Installations / Collaborators:

A BAR MADE FROM 4 MODULAR ELEMENTS. Designed and Fabricated by Lukas Heistinger. 1180 x 780 x 500mm. Aluminium, Nirosta/stainless steel           

Nina Frankova for Supergood. 7 unique real China bowls, 15 spoon or fish shaped objects, it depends (organic clay)

A white lilly flower periodically refreshed by the nearby florist.

SANKE OF NORWAY. From the series „Paleo Spa“: „Healing Clay“, „Summer Romance“ the smell of earth after a summer rain), „Aged Nectar“ „Ocean Origins“

50 plastic stools from an importer in Greece from a manufacturer in China

Therapeutic Lamp by Beurer and Mediasana, 10.000 LUX

Generative Neuro Marketing Sound Engine for Supergood. Programmed by Ryo Ikeshiro, With sound by Benjamin Tomasi and Freya Edmondes.

TROPHY by Clinic of Essence.

ORGON SHOWER by Peter Moosgaard

pulse 1, 97% by Phelim McConigly, Oil on Canvas, 140x100cm

SUPERYOU Brand Performance Outfit. Sports Jacket, Organic Cotton Singlets. Designed by Anna Schwarz, Worn by Nour Shantout and

Supergood Corporate Identity by CHRISTOPH SCHÖRKHUBER. Tasty Bold Typeface by Hubert Jocham

SUPERGOOD BRAND VIDEOS. Directed by Lukas Heistinger. With Jim, Lilly, Tina, Rob and Charles.

(2016) One Work Gallery

2 hours of relaxation and motivation music and nature for the free better you” is a 2 hour 12 minute HD video shot in the summer of 2016. It combines impressive nature footage with a custom soundtrack. It is designed as a relaxation video for online consumption. The soundtrack transitions between upbeat ukulele bliss and deconstructed pointilistic composition and is dotted with hushed voice overs of ambiguous meaning.  For its premiere at One Work Gallery, Supergood performed the tropical existentialist Açaí catering service.

One Work Gallery (Salvatore Viviano), Wien. 2016