What if institutions would ask their constituents for principles, terminologies, and instructions instead of demanding their assimilation?

For several years, the artist collective memeclassworldwide performed that this can be the other way around within the institution providing their education. Instead of only relying on its prescribed procedures of participation, they applied a critical and prefigurative approach to making the changes they want to see.

For their online performance for Artists Have The Answers?, memeclassworldwide launch a consultancy channel on TikTok. Their content is addressed to institutions and provides inspiration for integrating creative political participation.
memeclassworldwide* is a collaborative project organised as an autonomous class within the art academy in Kiel, Germany. Based on the internet as a reference space, the class investigates post-digital phenomena, considering the range of their aesthetic, social and political dimensions. The gathered insights are integrated into practices of teaching and exhibiting. memeclassworldwide collaborates with the artists Bernhard Garnicnig and Jennifer Merlyn Scherler. Their book memeclassworldwide: research, documentation, index was published in 2021.

*Ramona Kortyka (*1991 Aachen, Germany), Mateusz Dworczyk (*1994 in Zabrze, Poland) und Juan Blanco (*1988 Bogota, Colombia).

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