In collaboration with the Belgian art/legal group TWIIID, artist Scott William Raby (US/DK) will explore the legal and organizational character of artistic work in the local context of Vienna to discover different legal analogies that can be utilized by artists. To achieve that, Raby will engage in a series of public and private interactions with artists, curators, students, community organizers, museums, and other art actors in July 2022 to map their perspectives on artistic work and their working relations with artists. 

The public and art professionals are invited to participate in this research process, both online and in person.
By drawing on his experience running the self-described “roaming public art platform” f.eks. in Aalborg, Denmark, and TWIIID’s legal-based re-conceptualisation of the relation between artwork and artist (“Foster Care Agreement for Artwork”, Kunsthal Gent, Belgium, 2021) they will performatively unfold dialogues related to the legal, socio-economic, and organizational questions of artists as “service providers”. In doing so, they will experiment with different interdisciplinary legal and artistic strategies as they continue working toward establishing a “bureau of analogies”...

This project is a co-production of TWIIID (Jens Van Lathem and Tobias Van Royen), Scott William Raby, f.eks. and Artist Project Group.

Realized with generous support by The Danish Arts Foundation.