When and why do we work for free? As part of the online festival “What Would Artists Do?” Artist Project Group is conducting a research and knowledge sharing effort around spec (speculative) work.

When have you contributed your ideas without receiving compensation and/or credit?

What economies emerge when we are asked casually for advice? When did you give free consultation to institutions in the course of ongoing projects? How many ideas and proposals have you developed in the speculative process of applying for grants, competitions or calls for ideas?

We’re collecting your audio short stories of times you have worked as an artist-consultant, for free. Send an audio message to @artistprojectgroup or send an audio message +43 681 20667892 via WhatApp or Telegram (with the note SPEC WORK). The stories will be compiled, without attribution, into a compendium / state of the field, in an attempt to claim and reclaim the potential sustainable economies that could develop from the artist-as-consultant.
Excerpt from Should I Work for Free by Jessica Hirsch, http://shouldiworkforfree.com/

“Is it for a legitimate business? Is it for your mom? Is it for your friend? /follow up question: You mean the company your friend works for?”